Volunteer to be part of the Excitement at BRR!

Volunteering at a BRR event is the perfect way to give back, connect with your community, and get inspired before your next road race!

Top Reasons to Volunteer:

    1. Connect with Us. In your off-season or while you’re recovering from an injury, stay in touch with your fellow runners by volunteering. You’ll get news about the community and updates on what’s happening around BRR.
    2. Meet great people. Among the local standouts, BRR staff, and other cool people you might not have the opportunity to meet otherwise, you may find your new best friend or meet the love of your life at one of our races!
    3. Share your love of the sport with others. You can invite your friends, family, and school or community groups to do community service together with you.

Bring a Group
We are always looking for new Team Leaders who will organize groups of volunteers to help at BRR races. Youth groups, schools, service clubs, athletic teams, church groups, or companies are all welcome. If you are interested in being a Team Leader for any of our upcoming races, please message us: volunteers[at]bostonroadrunners(dot)org

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2019 Volunteer
If you are part of a volunteer group, please let us know which one.