Team Competition Races

Running is a lifestyle – and it’s not something that you have to do alone! At BRR, we know the importance of teamwork in motivating you and challenging you to run farther and faster. We encourage you to find a run club that fits your style. To support the running clubs throughout Greater Boston, BRR has organized a competition — the BRR Team Competition.

The Team Competition encourages clubs/teams to get their members racing and placing. Each year, BRR designates a subset of our races as Team Competition Races. Clubs accumulate points based on participation and finishing places. The year’s top clubs are honored and receive special awards at BRR’s Annual Boston Runner’s Night.

2017 Team Competition Races

For 2018, the following races are designated Team Competition Races:

El Pelon Reservoir 5K

Mystic River 5 Miler

Turkey Trot 5.25 Miler

Frosty Half Marathon

Join the Team Competition!

BRR is currently recruiting run clubs to join our Team Competition. Message us if you want your club to join. Joining the competition is free for your club and a great way to motivate your members to race together!

Even if our competition has started, your club can still join. Your club won’t have as many races to score in, but BRR will add your club into the running for any Team Competition.

Crush the Competition! How Teams Get Scored

Each race is scored as follows:

  • One point for each team member that finish the race
  • Club members that finish in the top 10 of each division (female/male) score “11 – place” points. For example, a first-place finisher will score 10 points (11-1).

Year-end club points will be scored as follows:

  • The club’s point totals for their three highest-scoring races of the year are totaled
  • Clubs are then ranked according to those totals

Member eligibility:

  • Each run club will submit an updated roster of members before each race
  • Only runners on the roster provided to BRR will be scored
  • Racers that are members of multiple clubs must choose a primary club for the purpose of scoring