Sponsors & Partnerships Intern

Please email your Cover Letter & Resume to:

Fall & Spring Commitment

Volunteer at 8 run clubs
120 Hours over 12 weeks – Unpaid

Summer Commitment

Volunteer at 10 run clubs
220 Hours over 12 week – Unpaid

Applicants from Boston University that are Sophomore or Juniors or below can apply for a grant through the Yawkey Nonprofit Program – https://www.bu.edu/careers/internships-and-jobs/bu-internship-programs/yawkey/yawkey-students/

Position Summary:

The Sponsors & Partnerships Intern is responsible for generating and garnering corporate revenue, value and promotion for BRR in exchange for benefits to partners. The position seeks to match the needs of BRR with the partner’s objectives. BRR needs include cash, products, and services which in turn reduce BRR’s expenses. The BD&SP position ensures that BRR delivers on what is promised to our partners while continuing to focus on the mission-driven objectives of BRR.

This is a highly visible, collaborative position which requires multitasking, juggling of priorities, leadership, patience, professionalism, and teamwork. Key responsibilities are built upon the intersection of client strategy, BRR brand strategy, and top-notch client service in a high paced, ever-changing environment.

As part of the Boston Road Runners team, you will be helping to foster and support an inclusive Greater Boston running community by creating an open, accessible, and welcoming environment for athletes of all background and experience levels across the region.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate needs to have the go-getter personality. Always consider the entire picture when starting new projects. This person’s motto might be “I don’t understand everything, but I know I can do it.” An adventurous individual and fears almost nothing, and approaches tasks with an upbeat attitude.

Responsibilities of the Sponsors & Partnerships Intern include:
  • 3-month commitment
  • Creating strategic partnerships with business in the community
  • Cold calling businesses to sponsor BRR races
  • Promote BBR and its benefits to partners
  • Maintain confidentiality of all aspects of the role
Required Skills:
  • Excellent writing skills, Word and PowerPoint skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
  • Energy and enthusiasm for BRR’s mission and initiatives
  • Ability to work as a team player
  • Flexibility and ability to simultaneously work on a number of projects
  • Pursuing a Bachelors degree