“I regret that run” said no runner ever. No matter what, getting outside and moving my body has always put me in a better mood and propelled me to go forth with my goals. I have my bad days, like we all do, but once I get outside and hit my stride problems that I  agonize over (where am I going in life? Am I really trying hard enough? Will I ever understand what a 401K is? What came first, the chick or the egg???) seem to diminish and I find myself overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. I pushed myself to the limit last September to see what I could do with my first marathon, it was truly the most difficult, yet most rewarding experience I have ever had. It taught me to believe in myself and that determination pays off in great ways. It changed my life so this week I am starting to train for my second marathon, which will be on May 21st on Martha’s Vineyard.

With that said, I understand the privilege that I come from, which has made me able to devote my time and effort to racing. I want to give others the opportunity to also have a running impact their lives for the better. Through Boston Road Runner’s Youth Initiative, the funds you donate will give those under the age of 18 the opportunity to run races at affordable prices. BRR is committed to cultivating a love of running and all the benefits it provides to Boston’s youth and is thrilled to be able to help eliminate one of the barriers to racing. Thank you for your donation! With your help, running can empower Boston’s youth to strive for and reach their goals.