I decided to return back to Boston, but first I need to BQ at the Charles River Marathon this Fall.

Sub 3 hours marathon will qualify me for the 2019 Boston Marathon. My goal is to train this summer while raising $2,000 for Boston Road Runners Youth Initiative. An initiative to inspire youth to run by working with local schools and youth centers on implementing a running program that can facilitate an environment of running.

Running offers athletes of all ages increased confidence, physical and mental health benefits, and the ability to engage in a supportive community of fellow runners. Our youth initiative consists of 4 parts:

  1. The first is to provide youth (18 & under) a chance to run races at an affordable price. All BRR races offer a youth rate, to encourage more parents to register their kids for a fun run.
  2. We work with local schools and community programs on their youth running programs. As more school districts cut funds and resources for the sports program. We are working with them to maintain and grow their running programs. We believe that running provides kids an outlet to grow.
  3. Host a fun 4×400 scholarship to high school seniors.
  4. We are fundraising and working on a youth running program. BRR’s long-term goals for the program include offering more perks for the team members and to developing more programs tailored to individual middle and high school students’ needs. BRR is funding this initiative both through direct fundraising and by using a portion of the registration fees of our road races.

Road to BQ & raising funds for Youth Initiative

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