April 22 | 9:00 AM



5K Run & 1 Mile Walk

Everyone that signs up for the 5K Run can also participate in the 1 Mile Walk.



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8:15 AM – Number Pick-Up Opens
9:00 AM – 5K Starts
9:30 AM – 1 Mile Walk Starts
10:00 AM – Award Ceremony
10:30 AM – Course Closes



The 5K will feature 2 loops around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

The 1 Mile Walk is an out and back route along the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

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To inform people just how difficult the daily lives of people without easy access to clean water. People living in Tanzania have to carry a large bucket of water on their heads for long distances. The walk puts walkers in the shoes of Tanzanian people by simulating the trek for water that they must make several times a day taking time and energy they could be investing in their education, jobs, or families.



Summer of 2016, 13 High School Students traveled to Tanzania with Rustic Pathways. The group had to collect water from a stream about a mile and a half away.  Each person with a bucket scooped up as much water as they could at the small river down the valley. The natives carefully balanced the water on their head, some didn’t even touch it with their hands. Our group, on the other hand, really struggled. Some dragged the full bucket all the way back, most tried to maneuver with the bucket on their head, and others gave up and asked the locals for help. No matter how we carried the buckets we all agreed that it was way too difficult. After going through multiple days of carrying water, some decided they wanted to make a difference so they would take their experience back home.  After coming back to States, four people decided to hold a race while the others decided to raise money in other ways. Currently, the four people are from all different parts of America making the races a nationwide event.



The group had a great idea but wanted to support a current organization and collaborate on this project. Through Save the Rain, the group learned how access to clean water affects education, poverty, health, and gender inequality. Save the Rain was excited to partner up with students on a wonderful project to raise awareness and fundraise for the village of Tanzania.

Save the Rain educate communities on how to harvest the rain by constructing catchment system built from local materials, by the local workforce, thus assuring sustainability. We educate people to farm water through roof water collection, surface water collection, groundwater recharge, soil conservation, reforestation, bio-remediation, passive irrigation practices and sustainable agriculture curriculum.

Learn more about Save the Rain here.



Parking is available on the following streets and parking facilities.  Please read all street signs and obey parking regulations. We recommend arriving at least 30 mins before your start time to allow enough to for travel and getting ready for the walk.

Take the MBTA if possible to reduce traffic, parking congestion, and ecological impact.



Do not check any valuables. Although we will do our best to ensure that your gear is waiting for you at the end of the race, we are not responsible for lost items and/or gear check bags.



There are restrooms available on site. Please respect the surroundings to ensure we are able to continue using the park as our home base.



The prizes for Top Female & Male and Age Group Winners Female & Male are Marathon Sports Gift Cards.


The following is a close approximation of how the race fee is allocated in BRR’s service plan.

Cost Service Details
50% Save the Rain Supports Save the Rain’s mission of improving water sustainability.
5% Permit Fees Contributes to fee for insurance, application, course certification, and other USATF required costs.
15% Security & Staff Contributes to compensation for park rangers, police, and other assorted security personnel.
20% Road Race Expenses Photographers, Race Equipment, Race Supplies, Water, Food, Portable Restrooms, etc.
10% Timing Expenses Contributes to cost for timing services.



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In-Kind Sponsor