Community & Youth Initiative

BRR Run Club

Join us on our weekly Monday and Saturday group runs in Boston!

Run Club Competition

Already in a run club, considering joining our Run Club Competition. Race against the best run clubs in Boston and expand your running circles. Plus we host the best parties and socials.

Boston Running Clubs

The city of Boston has a few awesome run clubs that suit all runners from the social run clubs to competitive clubs. Check out the list of clubs above.

Marathon Initiative

Prepare for your next marathon with Boston Road Runners’ training and weekly runs!

Boston Marathon Training

Join our team of runners who want to run the Boston Marathon!

Youth Initiative Program

Boston Road Runners host and supports youth running programs and events for all youth across Greater Boston. Running offers athletes of all ages increased confidence, physical and mental health benefits, and the ability to engage in a supportive community of fellow runners. BRR cannot wait to bring these benefits to students across Boston and appreciates the community’s support.

Our youth initiative consists of 4 parts:

    • Many Boston Public High Schools lack the necessary resources to host a track & field or cross-country team. We believe that running provides kids an outlet to grow. Promote community and sportsmanship among youth runners through team-building activities; and hold classes and seminars for youth runners on fitness, injury prevention, healthy eating, and other topics that promote a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the semester, students will run a road race.

Interested in applying? Visit our application page and sign up to bring Boston Road Runners to your school, community center, or after-school program.

  • Providing youth (18 & under) a chance to run races at an affordable price. All BRR races offer a youth rate, to encourage more parents to register their kids for a fun run.
  • Host a fun 4×400 scholarship to high school seniors.
  • We are fundraising and working on a youth running program. BRR’s long-term goals for the program include offering more perks for the team members and to developing more programs tailored to individual middle and high school students’ needs. BRR is funding this initiative both through direct fundraising and by using a portion of the registration fees of our road races.