Carly reluctantly joined cross country in high school when her parents told her she couldn’t get a cell phone until she joined a team. However, she soon grew to love running.  While attending the University of Dayton she participated in a volunteer/running organization that helped raise money for Give Kids the World Village as well as made a yearly trip to Disney to run the marathon together.  Carly moved to Boston after graduation and was happy to join BRR and find some new friends to run with!







Celeste started her running career in high school it was the only non-cut sport and she wanted to meet people after switching schools. Despite almost quitting several times, she stuck it out.











Chloe Strange – Chloe has been running since middle school. In high school she served as Captain for the girl’s track team, competing in 400 and 800-meter distances. It wasn’t until this past winter when she signed on as an ambassador for BRR that she began increasing the miles. She trained and ran her first marathon in September, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, She will be running the Martha’s Vineyard Marathon in May and when she is not running she enjoys crocheting, cycling, and drawing






Eleni just moved back to Boston for graduate school after completing her undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. There, she was a member as well as serving one year as captain of the women’s rowing team. Her college friends love to call her “Old Lady Boston” due to her love of baking, turning in early, and watching Hallmark holiday movies. Since then, she has found her new passion- running, and is super excited to join the BRR team squad! Besides from enjoying exploring her new city through running, Eleni loves cooking, jazz music, and road cycling. She also loves corgis and her very own C.C. won the title of Best in Show at Westminster dog show.







Joanna Wang – Joanna is an endurance athlete from Germantown, MD and since moving to Boston for dental school in 2014 has gotten involved in the local running and cycling scene. When she’s not studying teeth, she is running on the esplanade or going on long bike rides exploring the surrounding Boston area. Since taking up running in 2012, she has made huge strides in the marathon distance.












Leah started running in the summer months before her senior year of high school, as a way to escape her impending college-application essays. That fall, instead of playing soccer, she went out for the cross-country team. She had no intention of racing that season; however, somehow she found herself waiting at a starting line. The gun went off and her life was never the same. She continued running and racing that season, and the next fall found herself a member of the Brown University Women’s Cross Country and Track teams. She will never forget the joy (and pain!) of her four years running for Brown, nor the honor of captainship her senior year. She moved to Boston in September and is absolutely thrilled to have found another running community as a BRR Ambassador.






Sara is the newbie, having only started running the summer of 2014 after moving to Boston for college. She has since run five half marathons, one full marathon, and numerous 5K and 10Ks. Outside of running, Sara is a full-time medical student at Boston University and spends most of her time studying, volunteering, doing research, and exploring Boston through her stomach. She will be running the inaugural Martha’s Vineyard Marathon this upcoming May and is excited to spend the year training and racing with the BRR team.













Toria Koutras – Toria has been running competitively since middle school and continued on to run cross country. the indoor and outdoor track at the collegiate level at St. Lawrence University. Moving to Boston for Dental School in 2015, she realized she was not ready to put her racing days behind her. She is excited to be a part of a team again and is currently training for her first marathon. In her spare time, Toria enjoys hiking with her dogs, horseback riding, and skiing.