The goal of the Boston Road Runners Ambassador Program is to actively promote and represent Boston Road Runners’ mission of supporting and motivating people to run. The Ambassadors are a team of runners who represent BRR in races and also inspire others to join BRR’s community.

Team Dynamic
BRR is excited to provide you with a professional running team environment. As a member, we ask you to commit time to your teammates – train together; come out and cheer each other on at road races; and meet up after each race to debrief, celebrate, and take team photos. The more you put into our team, the more the team can support you. For 2018, BRR is selecting up to 10 Ambassadors.


  • A Team Environment that motivates and supports you
  • Team uniforms
  • Reimbursed road race entry fees for selected races within Greater Boston (USD $300.00)
  • Your 15 minutes of fame! BRR raises your personal profile in the running community through your own profile page on our website with athlete highlights and promotion on our social media channels. As part of our brand, you’ll be easily recognized by BRR’s fans.

Requirements / What we ask of our Ambassadors

  • Represent Boston Road Runners
  • Actively promote Boston Road Runners’ mission and its Ambassadors team
  • Run 10 road races together as a team
  • Volunteer at 3 BRR Races
  • Attend at least 2 BRR Runs Club a month
  • During all competitive events, wear our singlet and gear
  • Contribute time and expertise to help one of our programs, such as kickstart the Youth Initiative
  • Do not promote other running or athletic events/clubs/groups/organizations*

*The final point is worth some explanation because we recognize that for some runners it’s a big ask. However, we do require for this exclusivity because of what we are creating. You will receive BRR gear and reimbursement for road race fees (USD $300.00 – 2017 calendar year) in exchange for your support and endorsement. Failure to adhere to these requests can result in first, a warning, and second, being asked to resign from the team.

Applications must be submitted online by September 30, 2017.

2017 BRR Ambassador